Class DefaultVisualizer

The default visualization state of chemiscope: three panels (map, structure, info) updating one another when the user interact with any of them.


  • DefaultVisualizer


structure: ViewersGrid


  • Apply the given settings to all panels in the visualizer


    • settings: Partial<Settings>

      settings for all panels

    Returns void

  • Get the dataset used to create the current visualization

    If the dataset is using user-specified structures and a loading callback loadStructure; you can request all structure to be fully resolved and placed inside the dataset.


    the dataset currently visualized


    • getStructures: boolean = false

      should all UserStructure resolved and placed inside the dataset?

    Returns Dataset

  • Add the given callback to be called whenever a setting changes. The callback will be given the path to the settings as a list of keys; and the new value of the setting.

    There is currently no way to remove a callback.


    • callback: ((keys: string[], value: unknown) => void)
        • (keys: string[], value: unknown): void
        • Parameters

          • keys: string[]
          • value: unknown

          Returns void

    Returns void

  • Removes all the chemiscope widgets from the DOM

    Returns void