Class EnvironmentIndexer

EnvironmentIndexer links environment index and structure/atom indexes

Environments can be either full structures or centered on a specific atom. This class makes the link between two representations: a single, global, environment index, used by the map; and the structure/atom pair, used by the structure viewer and the general information panel.


  • EnvironmentIndexer



Current DisplayMode. This is useful for datasets that contain both atom-level and structure-level properties.


  • Get the indexes of atoms actually part of the environments for this structure


    • structure: number

    Returns number[]

  • Get the indexes of structure containing at least one atoms in the set of active environments for this structure

    Returns number[]

  • Get the total number of atom in the structure with given index


    • structure: number

    Returns number

  • Get a full set of indexes from the global environment index


    • environment: number

      global index of an environment

    Returns Indexes

    full Indexes, containing the corresponding structure / atom indexes

  • Get a full set of indexes from the structure/atom indexes


    • structure: number

      index of the structure in the full structure list

    • Optional atom: number

      index of the atom in the structure

    Returns undefined | Indexes

    an Indexes instance, containing the global environment index; or undefined if there is no environment corresponding to the given atom in the given structure

  • Does this Indexer knows about atom-centered environments?

    Returns boolean

  • Get the total number of structures we know about

    Returns number